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doop doop

Well, hi all. It's been 4yrs since I posted here.... May or may not start up again.  Depends on exactly how I want to execute several ideas I have...

Anyway, gonna update a few things on the profile now!

Course Craziness

So, when I signed up for classes at the end of last semester, this is what I had:
  • Math 5041 Geometry I (TR 1-2:30)
  • Math 493 Probability (MWF 2-3)
  • Math 417 Intro Topology (MWF 1-2)
  • Drama 272 Intro American Musical Theater (MW 9-11)
  • Ling 170D Intro Linguistics (TR 11:30-1)
  • Art 101 Drawing I (TR 8-11)*
This was back when I was still thinking of doing math for grad school - I wasn't too excited for Topology but I thought most math grad programs would be looking for it. (I was also kind of bumming that I couldn't fit the fifth level of Keyboard Skill, a piano class, in.)  But, over the summer, I decided to switch from math to EPS - and many EPS programs want DiffEq, which I hadn't taken yet. So, my schedule changed to this:
  • Math 5041 Geometry I (TR 1-2:30)
  • Math 493 Probability (MWF 2-3)
  • Drama 272 Intro American Musical Theater (MW 9-11)
  • Math 217 Diff. Eq. (MTRF 12-1)
  • Art 101 Drawing I (TR 8-11)*
  • *EPS 511 Minerals in Aqueous Environments (TR 8:30-10)
  • *EComp 221 Fiction Writing I (TR 10-11:30)
The stars refer to the fact that I was still on the waitlist for Drawing I, so I started creating a backup plan for it in case I didn't get in.
But then, the math department showed an incredible lack of forethought. Apparently the professor teaching Geometry was also teaching a class Tuesday/Thursday morning which happened to have a lot of the Calculus TAs in it - which conflicted greatly with the undergrad Calculus classes they should be TA'ing. So the two grad classes were switched.
This angered me quite a bit. If the math department had put a little more forethought in, I could've signed up for the TR afternoon session of Drawing I, and been first on the waitlist there - but since it was late summer at this point, I would've given up a first on the waitlist spot in the morning session for a fourth on the waitlist spot in the afternoon - which basically meant I wouldn't take the class.  So now I my schedule looked like this:
  • EPS 511 Minerals in Aqueous Environments (TR 8:30-10)*
  • Math 5401 Geometry I (TR 10-11:30)*
  • Math 493 Probability (MWF 2-3)
  • Drama 272 Intro American Musical THeater (MW 9-11)
  • Math 217 Diff. Eq. (MTRF 12-1)
  • *Art 101 Drawing I (TR 8-11)
So now I had to choose between being a "renaissance man" (not my words; from two of my friends in two completely different situations) and gamble on the waitlist for a drawing class I was incredibly excited to take, or have a really strong grad school application.
Of course, this weekend I've discovered that not having an existing background in Topology makes that graduate Geometry class basically inaccesible to me.  Still, if it had been listed as a morning class when I had originally signed up, my schedule could look like this right now:
  • EPS 511 Minerals in Aqueous Environments (TR 8:30-10)
  • Math 493 Probability (MWF 2-3)
  • Drama 272 Intro American Musical Theater (MW 9-11)
  • Math 217 Diff. Eq. (MTRF 12-1)
  • Art 101 Drawing I (TR 1-4)
A nice, happy sixteen credits (DiffyQ is four credits).
As it stands, though, the EPS graduate class and Drawing I are in conflict, meaning I've got 13 credits on my schedule - barely enough to be considered a full-time student (I need 12) and not enough to be considered for Dean's List (I'd need 15).
Now, you ask, "What about that Fiction Writing I that was in the TR 10-11:30 spot?"  Well, like Drawing I, it's effectively as competitive even though it's bigger - by the time I dropped Geometry (earlier this weekend), the waitlist on that particular session was five students long, and over all Fiction Writing I session ther average waitlist was at least three long.  So I'm not getting in there.
"You could sign back up in Topology."  Yeah, but I don't want to.
"...Keyboard Skills?"  Still doesn't fit.  Nor does Intro Linguistics. (And Keyboard Skills is only one credit.)
So, I spent and hour or two sifting through the course listings to see what classes look fun, fit in the current holes in my schedule, and don't have a waitlist.  Which results in a surprisingly short list:
  • EnSt 374 Social Landscapes in Global View (TR 1-2:30)
  • Phys 171A Physics and Society (TR 1-2:30)
  • Music 105 History of Jazz (TR 10-11:30)
  • Econ 1011 Intro Microeconomics (TR 1-2:30)
  • Several course that had prerequisites I haven't taken
  • A few courses that had preliminary testing and/or info session I've already missed
You have NO CLUE how many fun classes either directly conflicted with DiffyQ or Intro American Musical Theater... and so many fun classes that did fit into my schedule also had waitlists... OTL
Anyway, decided to sign up for the social landscapes class.  I may sign up for another, depending on how the Drawing I waitlist works out.  At least, as it stands right now, I'm still #1 on the waitlist for the morning session, but I notice that the afternoon session's waitlist has dropped by one or two.  So much gambling going on...
As frustrated as I am with all this, I'm not mad at the Geometry professor, and really shouldn't be mad at the math department.  They've been nothing but transparent in what's going on, and the professor was very friendly (and frank) when I e-mailed her with my impression of the textbook, which is what tipped me off to thinking it was going to be out of my league.  *sigh...*

More on food

More evidence that, despite the excellent food service at my school, I'm falling into a typical college eating trap. My feeding yesterday was as follows:
-Breakfast around 10:30 of a small breakfast burrito and some milk - not bad so far, if a little late...
-"Lunch" of a rice krispy treat around 16:00 and some puppy chow around 17:00 - very bad and very late
-Dinner around 20:30 of three chicken tenders
And, of course, I haven't eaten breakfast yet today either... ^.^''

On a related note...
Of the five senses (sight, sound, touch, smell and taste), which would you willing to give up, and why?
For me, it would be a toss-up between smell and taste, which of course are related.
I'm leaning a bit more toward giving up taste. For me, food is food - if it tastes good, great, but I feel like pleasing my stomach is more important than pleasing my mouth. Besides, good taste can really get in the way of health, like eating past "full" just because something tastes good, and of course there's the infamous "sweet tooth".
Smell is also a "longer-lasting" kind of sense, so having an area smell nice is better overall than having a meal taste nice. And bad smells are also good identifiers of what to avoid, so keeping smell for that purpose is also pretty good.
Do you think women are treated as equals? What changes would you like to see?
I do not think women are treated as equals to men, which is rather unfortunate.
Now, I DO think that, for the most part, women and men have roughly equal opportunities in life now. Most (co-ed) colleges have basically equal enrollment, women are starting to get positions in business, politics, and other areas, and as a general rule of thumb I think women are now seen as partners in a relationship as opposed to supportive roles.
That said, while a lot of these definite measures are equalling out, I see a lot of qualitative properties still having major discrepancies, and even some of the more discrete things are still rather uneven. For example, women's sports - especially team sports. Nowhere near equal exposure or equal popularity. My favorite league, WPS, is still up in the air on whether a fourth season will happen. And only a handful of those players make enough per season to actually live on.
And then... there are the guys. Well, not guys - "bros". I had logged on to LiveJournal to write a journal I would title "Horny Bastards" in response to the "shit-talk" session our suite had earlier today. (I'm not upset just at my suite, attitudes like what I'm seeing annoy me always, I've just never had an example this close.) Remember my previous journal? Well, the guy who had the nasty break-up is getting kinda vindictive.... His ex is apparently allowed to visit our suite but he told us to be as mannasty and/or mannerdy as possible (read: beer-drinking*, burping, and having naked lady posters and/or playing Starcraft, talking sports, and having naked lady posters) if she does. And of course there's the constant penis jokes, the question "didja fuck 'er?" anytime a girl is mentioned, and other talk of getting laid - from multiple suitemates.
I haven't seen this side of my suitemates before and it's rather disturbing me.
Even aside from attitudes like that, there are also underlying "problems" with some of the objective things I mentioned earlier. For example, college: many schools have explicit programs or implicit preferences for accepting girls, and while all-boys' schools are almost non-existent these days, there are many prominent all-girls' schools out there. Whether you view this as a progressive step forward or as coddling, up to you.
Long story short, there are still lots of problems in the system and in the popular view to overcome if women are truly to be treated as equals. And as a clarification: I view "treated as equals" and "treated identically" as different - there will always be differences. But a difference does not have to be disproportionate.

*I could've also written a quick little journal called "Drunken Bastards". No, no-one's gotten drunk yet, but seeing as to how much alcohol we have in the suite, and how two of the suitemates have at least one drink a day, I'm worried.

What's going on with my friends?

So, my freshman floor was my sophomore floor was my junior block. For the first time, we're split up this year due to the setup of the on-campus apartments, with the guys in one building and the girls in another.
Four of the guys, all of whom are in the guys' suite with me this year, had girlfriends within our group. I say "had" because, from what I learned today, two of those four pairs broke up over the summer.
Now, the first one I knew about and probably shouldn't have been surprised about. They'd broken up before, then gotten back together. But the breakup I learned about today... Dang... I mean, of all the young couples I know, I thought those two were perfect together. I hadn't seen any sign, anywhere, of any friction between them. And yet he said it was a kinda nasty breakup... X-P
He also kinda-mentioned he was glad we wouldn't have to deal with the girls' suite that much, if at all. Which really worries me, because I would still like to hang out with the girls as much was I have the past three years, and I was looking forward to some of the events that have become regular for our group. So I'm really hoping that the two guys who haven't shown up in the suite yet (I'm expecting they show up Saturday, when most upperclassmen move in) are still with their girlfriends...

*sigh* This year has already became way more awkward than I wanted it to be.

The college diet

is not all that healthy. X-D
Now, my school does a really good job of making healthy options available, and each school year I've lost 10-15 pounds (though gained it all back over the summer - rawr).  But I'm "moved in" without having officially "moved in", so food options for me are not all that good at the moment.  Over the past two days:

No breakfast
A bowl of Turkey Noodle soup for lunch*
An ice cream sandwich and a blueberry-cream-cheese-covered half-plain-bagel for snacks over the afternoon
Six slices of Domino's Pizza for dinner (mostly sausage) between 18:00 and 18:45
One more slice of pizza (cheese) as a snack around 22:00
Breakfast (11:00-ish) of a fruit-n-nut bar
Some trail mix
Lunch (14:30-ish) of two slices of cheese pizza
Some more trail mix

And it's dinner time now - the suitemates are making chicken and pasta, it seems.  So, in all honesty, the only bad things about my eating thus far are all that pizza, and the whacked-up schedule of today. ^.^''  I think it'll get better quickly, as I see points in my meal plan now.

*This is the only food I've purchased from any school dining OR from a store OR a restaurant, as of yet

btw - follow-up from my last journal.  Writing in my Nuzlocke is going well!

As is arranging stuff for my a cappella group.


I haven't posted in a long time.  Duh.
There was also a long period where I didn't write in my Pokemon Nuzlocke story - partially because I tried played far ahead earlier in the summer, and partially because work has taken up a lot of my time (I also haven't hit the gym since June).
Basically, my writing has tanked, as I discovered when I tried to take my Nuzlocke notes the other day and start writing again.  It's not even like I have no ideas - I have the entire plot mapped out, actually.  But filling out the details, the images, the dialogue - all that is gone now.  So I need to get back into practice by doing a lot of smaller things - like journaling here.
Although I wasn't thinking of writing it in my journal at the time, I made a point of remembering key points from my dream last night with the intent of writing it down in some way - I think as a short story, maybe.  Of course, as is with dreams not written down immediately, details are also gone now.  I do remember the main points, though.
The first thing I remember is something to do with Pokemon, in an adventure-style situation.  That's all I've got on that, though - the next thing I remember is I was back at my high school, visiting teachers and such.  My high school was changed, though - a bit design-wise, but there were also a couple very noticeable layout changes - in particular, one lower-level hallway was no longer accessible (existent?) from the direction I was walking at the time.  I somehow got into some or gathering/reception there, and mentioned I was having trouble finding my teachers because of the design changes, and left after that.  I was walking around outside, though I didn't really recognize the neighborhood/area.  Eventually I came across somewhere that I thought was my middle school but definitely was different - the fields weren't right.  I don't know what happened then, but I was riding in a school bus with only the driver and one other student - who looked like a current classmate but had a distinctly British accent - and driving almost aimlessly around town.  We dropped off my classmate, and I while later I eventually got frustrated at something enough to yell at the driver - I think something about it being a dream, or at least about things not seeming real.  The driver stopped the bus, turned around, and told me to say something along the lines of "if this is a dream, _".  I did, and the bus started moving without being turned on, and more "glided around" than "drove".  We rode down a hill and "took off" from a hummock at the bottom of the hill - if we had stayed on the road, we would've rear-ended a car, but started flying anyway.  Next thing I know, I'm at some big outdoor party, almost like a wedding reception but much more relaxed and party-like.  I was hearing two women talking, (I completely forget about what now though I remembered it when I had woken up,) and then I started eating some of the food once they went inside the pavilion, and then I got a phone call.  Whoever I was talking to, I knew, and from what I remember of the discussion I was talking in a way to suggest I was "home" now after being gone for a long time.  Then I "woke up," except it was one of those in-dream-waking-up events, the ones where you swear you're awake and going about your day until you actually wake up.  I think the reason I remember a lot of this particular dream was that, in that in-dream-wake-up period, I was starting to trash my room (interestingly, my room from my old house) looking for a notepad to write down the dream I had just had.

Escaping homework

So, if you haven't noticed, my idea for continuing my "fifteen minutes of writing" per day has, recently.... not existed. =-/ Now that's were almost a month into semester, things are picking up and I haven't been writing much - and that's not just here. I haven't worked on Secret of the Aura at all recently, and I haven't had a writing assignment.
That is, until last Wednesday. I now have a paper due on Monday, with a rough draft due TOMORROW for a peer review session. It's not a high-pressure assignment at all, 5-6 pages double spaced on "your own personal experience with writing". Thing is, thanks to homework and music group stuff, I haven't had time to work on it until today. T_T
So I bet you're wondering "why's he writing on his LiveJournal instead of working on this paper?" Well, I have been working on my paper - I have about a page single-spaced at the moment, the results of working since about 15:30. Yeah, it's not much - I got distracted easily during the initial forty-five minutes or so of that time period. ^.^' But with what I've written so far, I'm getting a little tired of staring at the word document and am writing here as a break.
So, without further delay:

What would be your first purchase if you won the lottery?

Very good question.... I'm not sure about my first purchase, probably something fairly everyday, since I'd use the lottery winnings to do something bigger (which would require some time for forethought and planning). Our city recently lost its classical music radio station, both (men's and women's) of its pro football (soccer) teams, and there's this old abandoned (but elegant!) schoolhouse near where I live that might be nice as a community center or extra building for my home school district.... heck, my university needs a new athletic complex. Not that ours isn't currently functional, but it is SOOO old and dingy and.... mrecch.
So yeah, there's a lot of things I've had on my mind recently that I could potentially act on if I won the lottery.

Food frustration

One thing I've been trying to do recently is, instead of limit calorie, (which I was not doing in the first place,) try to limit carbohydrate intake. I have discovered, though, that eating low-carb on campus is almost as hard (or harder) than eating low-calorie or low-fat - neither of which are so hard if you like eating salad, but the only things I like eating raw are fruits. Veggies need to be cooked or accompany something cooked, in my opinion. Anyway, almost every entree/meal/whatever you can buy around campus is on a tortilla, bread, a bun, rice, or pasta. Tasty, but the exact opposite of what you want if you're going for a low-carb diet. Starches everywhere... and don't get me started on all the tempting sugar-loaded sweets you can buy at all stations. So tempting... Rawr.


Random inspriation and stuff

So, I was listening to "Travelin' Soldier" by the Dixie Chicks on my iTunes. The thought crossed my mind that that song has to be one of the most heartbraking songs out there. That's when I got the urge to come write here, even though it's past midnight. Don't really know why it prompted me to do so, but whatever.

My a cappella group had its first official meeting with new members tonight. Pizza party plus other stuff at one of the guy's apartments. I would prefer to have our group/social meetings on campus, but it's a pretty nice pad nonetheless.
While eating, we somehow got on to the topic of drinking, and to how different people (group members and not) would be when drunk. One of the girls in the group said I would probably be a "happy" drunk. I found it somewhat humorous, and was glad it was a "happy" drunk versus something like "angry" or "loud" or "depressed", but I honestly think that's a highly inaccurate guess. I don't plan on ever finding out if it's correct or not, though.
What WAS funny was later when one of the not-attending group members called to see how the meeting was going. The guy who answered said we were having quite the wild party, everyone doing shots of peregrino(?), with ME having downed the most and being totally wasted. X-D
Anyway, I just realized that one of the other topics of dicussion was that one of the new girls was ROTC and describing what all she was oing and her future plans. Maybe that's the weird link between the song and my mind flicking back to the meeting...
Overall, the meeting went alright. Officer elections for the three main positions in the group will be Friday, with further discussion and elections for minor officer positions to be held at a later date. All our rehearsal times are set. And assuming three people (including myself) finish arranging the songs we're working on, the group will have nine songs for our spring concert, maybe more.

Also, let me just say that I am HIGHLY enjoying my archaeology class (we got to throw spears with atlatl Tuesday) and, surprisingly, my writing intesive class (great teacher who's selecting very good readings IMO).

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